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Stretching exercises

Thinking about facing the gym or just playing a football game with friends over the weekend?

So here's an extremely valuable tip: Do not forget to do your stretching properly.

Stretching is important because it allows the body that is in the resting state to move gradually without damaging the muscles and avoiding muscle injuries.

Did you know that we can stretch anywhere?

There are numerous quick stretching exercises at home, and it's a mistake that stretching only benefits sportspeople, on the contrary, we all need to stretch before doing any activity at all, including to work.
In some corporate offices, employees must stretch before starting their routine, leaders ask that this be done because stretching improves our daily performance.

Tip for stretching before starting work if your company does not allow the practice together: Stop for one minute to work, sit in the chair, stretch the right arm forward, pull the right palm down with the another hand, then hold the left foot with both hands, but without bending the knee, simple right?

Stretching exercises can be done anytime, anywhere and are more willing to face the routine.

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