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Stretching and sports massage

Stretching exercises are aimed at increasing muscle flexibility, which promote stretching of muscle fibers, increasing their length.
The main effect of stretching is to increase flexibility, which is the greatest possible range of motion of a particular joint, promoting the relief of discomfort or pain in certain regions of the body. However, due to the sedentary life, inadequate postures, daily stress and the failure to perform these stretches, the human being may have body structures compromised by the misalignment of the posture, with this arises the necessity of the practice of sports massages.

But after all, what does sports massage do?

The sports massage is responsible for preventing possible injuries if performed before the activity and are also responsible for the decrease of muscular pain if performed after the practice of the activity.
In addition, this massage can be used by anyone who wants to increase their health and well-being because it has no contraindications, so if you are thinking of starting to practice physical activities and leave the sedentary life behind, use stretching and sports massage in your favor.

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