Stretching exercises

Thinking about facing the gym or just playing a football game with friends over the weekend?

So here’s an extremely valuable tip: Do not forget to do your stretching properly.

Stretching is important because it allows the body that is in the resting state to move gradually without damaging the muscles and avoiding muscle injuries.

Did you know that we can stretch anywhere?

There are numerous quick stretching exercises at home, and it’s a mistake that stretching only benefits sportspeople, on the contrary, we all need to stretch before doing any activity at all, including to work.
In some corporate offices, employees must stretch before starting their routine, leaders ask that this be done because stretching improves our daily performance.

Tip for stretching before starting work if your company does not allow the practice together: Stop for one minute to work, sit in the chair, stretch the right arm forward, pull the right palm down with the another hand, then hold the left foot with both hands, but without bending the knee, simple right?

Stretching exercises can be done anytime, anywhere and are more willing to face the routine.

Stretching and sports massage

Stretching exercises are aimed at increasing muscle flexibility, which promote stretching of muscle fibers, increasing their length.
The main effect of stretching is to increase flexibility, which is the greatest possible range of motion of a particular joint, promoting the relief of discomfort or pain in certain regions of the body. However, due to the sedentary life, inadequate postures, daily stress and the failure to perform these stretches, the human being may have body structures compromised by the misalignment of the posture, with this arises the necessity of the practice of sports massages.

But after all, what does sports massage do?

The sports massage is responsible for preventing possible injuries if performed before the activity and are also responsible for the decrease of muscular pain if performed after the practice of the activity.
In addition, this massage can be used by anyone who wants to increase their health and well-being because it has no contraindications, so if you are thinking of starting to practice physical activities and leave the sedentary life behind, use stretching and sports massage in your favor.

Hydration – an extremely important element

Water is an essential component for the survival of all living beings on this planet. In the case of the human being when performing physical activities the need is even greater, because with perspiration and more breathy breathing there will be greater loss of fluids and the replacement should be more frequent and greater, that is, if we should already ingest the adequate amount of water, when doing physical exercises can not be different.

Sweat losses can be substantial, in addition to containing water, sweat contains electrolytes that will be lost. If not properly replaced, imbalances of water and electrolytes cause a considerable loss of performance, that is, in addition to all the risks that dehydration already causes in our body, it can still decrease our performance.

According to the Food and Nutrition Board of the Federal Institute of Medicine of the United States an adult man should ingest about 4l of water daily and a woman about 3l of water. This quantity is given for the proper functioning of the human body without necessarily the practice of physical exercise.

If you do physical exercises you should drink water whenever you feel thirst because the body gives indications of this need.

Benefits of Healthy Habits in Post Workout

Practicing sports and activities that benefit health is always something very pleasurable, but requires some care.

Before starting a physical activity, we need to make an evaluation in our main instrument: The Human Body.

What is the purpose of this before the beginning of your activities?

The evaluation is in the first moment to verify if we are able or not to perform a certain physical activity, because in some cases certain individuals are able to perform races and others and in the second moment to avoid the so-called muscular injuries, which are very common in athletes of the first trip, so the evaluation of a qualified professional is essential for those who want to practice physical activities.

I have already done the evaluation with a professional and I am able to practice physical activities, what care should I take after the training?

After completion of the activity, we must adopt some healthy habits that can not only benefit our well-being but also increase our performance.

  • Hydrate yourself in the right way: It is imperative to take the correct amount of water to avoid post-training dehydration.
  • Stretch yourself in post workout: Adopting this habit will give you 20% more muscle gain.
  • Post Sports massage : Post-workout massage has emerged as an alliance and fights muscle pain in a healthy way.